microphone preamps
3 X 8 channel preamp Grace Design M802
RME M-32 AD converter and RME Madiface XT

2 original Neumann U67
4 Brauner VM1 (2 matched pairs)
1 AKG c12a
2 Neumann km 256
2 Schoeps M221b M934b capsules
2 Royer Labs R122
2 Brüel & Kjaer (dpa) 4003 omni with 130V
4 Brüel & Kjaer (dpa) 4011
1 Neumann U87
4 Schoeps CMC5 MK4 capsules
2 AKG C414 ULS
4 Sennheiser 441
1 PL20

grand pianos
Steinway D (concert piano), Steinway A, Kawai a (with midi)
periodically there will be a Yamaha CF3 concert grand (275 cm), which may be
used for preparation and inside playing as well

additional equipment (prices on request)
active monitors for live-diffusion
4 GENELEC 1032
4 GENELEC 1031
1 subwoofer GENELEC 1092

mixing desk Mackie 16/8/2 (8 sub outs) for live diffusion
Mackie 1202 mixer, behringer mixer
eden world traveler bass amp (with tube pre) + 2 x 10 speaker,
Glockenklang bass amp

A control room now right next to the live room is available. (multicore into 24
channel mic pres, converter and interface (see top of page), 2 Genelec 1032)

We rent our recording equipment for a very fair and low price. Recording
technicians/engineers can be recommended by the studio. If you bring
your own technician a fee of 30 € – 50 € is asked for instructions and
preparation time.