microphone preamps
2 X 8 channel preamp Grace Design M802
RME M-32 AD converter and RME Madiface XT

2 original Neumann U67
4 Brauner VM1 (2 matched pairs)
1 AKG c12a
2 Neumann km 256
2 Schoeps M221b M934b capsules
2 Royer Labs R122
2 Brüel & Kjaer (dpa) 4003 omni with 130V
2 Brüel & Kjaer (dpa) 4011
1 Neumann U87
4 Schoeps CMC5 MK4 capsules
2 AKG C414 ULS
6 Sennheiser 441
1 PL20

grand pianos
Steinway D (concert piano), Steinway A, Kawai a (with midi)

additional equipment (prices on request)
active monitors for live-diffusion
4 GENELEC 1032
4 GENELEC 1031
1 subwoofer GENELEC 1092

mixing desk Mackie 16/8/2 (8 sub outs) for live diffusion
Mackie 1202 mixer, behringer mixer
Mackie active PA speaker
eden world traveler bass amp (with tube pre) + 2 x 10 speaker,
Glockenklang bass amp
guitar amps

We rent our recording equipment for a very fair and low price. Recording
technicians/engineers can be recommended by the studio. If you bring
your own technician a fee of 30 € – 50 € is asked for instructions and
preparation time.

Please note: a separate control room is not included in the price.
Technicians usually are in the space with the musicians. An external
control room is available. Please ask for price. (connection via RME
Madiface XT)