price list

rent for artistic rehearsels and recordings: Please contact me for actual price (the
rate of 230 € per day is not any longer valid due to the overall situation from 2022
For Berlin based musicians a funded rate may be possible by KulturRäume Berlin
and additional registration with Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., price 5 €/h. (Actual
booking then by the studio itself)
control room 60 €/day
rent for workshops: 350 €/day
other commercial purposes on request
(Please be aware: reserving a day, might mean you have to pay for the
whole day, if not otherwise agreed.)

recording equipment: 100 € (8 channel), 150 € (16 channel), 180 € (24 channel)
diverse technical equipment on request
grand pianos Steinway A: 65 €/day, Kawai A: 45 €/day, Steinway D: 300 €
per day, Yamaha CF3 on request
piano tuning (on level of existing pitch): 100 € to 110 €. Please announce, in case
you need specific pitch, additional costs may apply.
Genelec 1031 pair 20 €/day, Genelec 1032 pair 30 €/day

All prices are netto prices, 19 % USt (tax) comes on top.

bookings for dance workshops welcome
prices for concerts or live recordings in the studio on request

space, dance floor
space 11 x 9 m
height 3,70 – 4,80 m
fixed and flexible acoustic absorbers (gobos)
sprung wooden floor
toilets and shower

Acoustic absorbers on the borders of the space create a natural and
vivid sound for singers and instrumentalists.
The wooden floor gives the warm natural base. Diverse mobile absorbers
(gobos) help to modulate sound reflections and some acoustic separation
between performers.

The sprung wooden dance floor is an integral aspect of the space’s